To suit Ford PX Ranger MY2018 to 2021

  • The system is powered by 2 tough, fully submersible, polycarbonate light modules that are small in size but provide ample dispersed light to illuminate the rear load box without dazzling the user.
  • The LED modules are positioned under the side rails of the vehicle towards the rear tailgate and are compatible with other popular accessories such as bed liners, tonneau covers and canopies.
  • AUTOMATIC ON - Light’s will automatically turn on when a vehicle door is opened or when a unlock command is received.
  • AUTOMATIC OFF - Lights will automatically turn off in line with interior dome light when in door mode or upon vehicle ignition.
  • CAPACITIVE TOUCH - Lights can be activated on demand when the car is turned off by simply touching the capacitive touch switch located within the light lens.
  • Tub Illumination System FLA Lumen All pick-ups without bedliner
Brand Ford Genuine Parts & Accessories

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